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Who We Are

Welcome to the official website of Team FMJ 4462 – Full Metal Jackets.  We are a robotics team comprised of students and mentors from schools in Roane County.

Our Mission

Our team's mission is to inspire current and prospective students to become more interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields, in order for the students to acquire skills in these areas that may be applied to present and future endeavors.

Team FMJ is a year round program that centers on our team’s motto, “We Build More Than Robots.  We Build People!”  That being said, at the 2019 Smoky Mountain Region Robotics competition we were awarded the third highest ranked team in East Tennessee.  Team FMJ is the First Robotics team in Roane County, Tennessee. 

​Our team includes members from Roane County High, Harriman High, Rockwood High, Midway High Schools and home-schooled students.  Full Metal Jackets is the First robotics team in Roane County, Tennessee. 



In 2019, at the Smoky Mountain Region Robotics competition, we were ranked the third-highest team in East Tennessee. 


Due to Covid, we could not compete in the 2020 or 2021 robotics competitions.  Last year, In 2022, we returned to compete and won the imagery award for our team.

Also, In December we participated in the Harriman Christmas parade and won the ¨most original" trophy award.

Education Requirements

Team Members must keep all Report Card grades at or above a C letter grade.  No D’s or F’s.

FMJ Diplomacy

Team FMJ holds our team members to a high standard.  This allows us to give students AMAZING opportunities that no other club can offer.  Team Members must keep all report card grades at or above a C letter grade.  If a member is suspended for any reason they will be placed on team probation.  Depending on the severity of the offense, team membership can be revoked.

Positions Available

  • Business

  • Art

  • Electrical

  • CAD Design

  • 3D Printing 

  • Demo Team

  • Dance Setup

  • Metal Fabrication/Welding

  • Practice Field Construction

  • Drive Team

  • Food Prep

  • Nursing

Membership Requirements

During off season members are required to attend at least one meeting every other week.  During the Build season, which is January-March, team members must attend at least one meeting weekly. 

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