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At its most basic, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. But STEM education is far more than just sticking those subject titles together. It’s a philosophy of education that embraces teaching skills and subjects in an a way that resembles real life. ( Source)

The What & Why of STEM Education

​Both private and public sectors report that 21st-century workers require skills that many of today’s graduates don’t have. Students need more in-depth knowledge of math and science, plus the ability to integrate and apply that knowledge to solve the challenges facing our nation. 


Children who study STEM also develop a variety of skills that are essential for success: critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and innovation, communication, collaboration, and entrepreneurship. Below are some benefits of STEM education, according to a 2014 study published by the America Society for Engineering Education:



Benefits of STEM Education

  • The context is motivating, engaging, and real-world.

  • Students integrate and apply meaningful and important mathematics and science content.

  • Teaching methods are inquiry-based and student-centered.

  • Students engage in solving engineering

challenges using an engineering design process.

  • Teamwork and communications are a major focus. Throughout the program, students have the freedom to think critically, creatively, and innovatively, as well as opportunities to fail and try again in safe environments.

STEM, then, is a specific program designed for a specific purpose—to integrate and apply knowledge of math and science in order to create technologies and solutions for real-world problems, using an engineering design approach. It’s no surprise that STEM programs need to maintain an intense focus.

Our STEM Camp is designed as a fun way to engage students in the art of Science, Math, Engineering and Technology.  Register for STEM Camp below.


Register for STEM Camp

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